February 02, 2021

Red Bridge Update

When we were first establishing Farrell Wines, more than six years ago now, we decided to use the railway bridge as our logo.

The narrow red bridge connected two sections of the Riesling Trail which forms the western boundary of our vineyard at Sevenhill. In fact, in the early days of the railway line on the trail we were told that the steam train stopped to take on water for the final run in to Clare from our property.

This is what it looked like until recently.

However with the increased popularity of the trail for walkers and bike riders it was decided to expand the size of the bridge. So just before Christmas the old bridge was widened to make it more accessible to the many people who want to use it.

So the bridge now looks like this.

But the good news is that our customers like the red bridge logo so much that we are going to keep it just the way it was!